The Rural Justice Institute at Alfred University is developing the Collaborative Mapping Portal to encourage agencies in surrounding communities to ‘think spatially’.  Spatial thinking will allow local agencies, private or public, to better understand their data – participants, programs, communities, needs, etc. – through maps and spatial analysis.

RJI has designed this site to be as experience neutral as possible – regardless of your level of mapping experience you will find useful information.

This site is organized into three informational categories:

The Value Of Mapping

Go here to learn how spatial thinking will benefit your organization.

How To Map Your Data

Click here to find out how you (yes, you) can make a map in minutes.

Useful Datasets and Maps

Click here to learn more about RJIspatial-recommended online datasets, online mapping applications and ready-to-download maps covering the RJI Service Area on NY’s Southern Tier.

Contact the RJI Mapping Team

Click here to learn more about the RJI mapping team.

The RJI Collaborative Mapping Portal is brought to you by the Rural Justice Institute (RJI) at Alfred University – a collaborative enterprise consisting of faculty and staff representing a variety of disciplines.  RJI is possible thanks to generous support from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, Grant No. 2009-DD-BX-0104.