Census Data for Allegany County

Click here for all U.S. Census Bureau data sets for Allegany County.

Each data set can be viewed online, or downloaded as a PDF, Microsoft Excel file, or rich text file, depending on your needs.

Click on each title to view PDF files for Allegany County:

2010 Census – 2010 Demographic Profile

American Community Survey – Social Characteristics

American Community Survey – Economic Characteristics

American Community Survey – Housing Characteristics

American Community Survey – Demographic Characteristics

If you require more specific data, you can search by topic, geography, race and ethnic groups, and industry codes, selecting the particular categories that you require.

To understand more about these data sets, please go back our American Community Survey and Decennial Census pages.

To map 2012 Census data for Allegany County, please visit our interactive mapping page.

For more Allegany County data, visit our useful data sets and maps page.


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