The RJI Mapping Team

What is RJI?

The Rural Justice Institute at Alfred University is an institution comprised of faculty and staff from various disciplines.  Members of RJI strive to collaborate with local agencies and schools in order to increase the efficacy of current services, develop new initiatives that will enhance the lives of troubled youth and their families, and reduce the incidence of juvenile delinquency in rural areas.

What is the RJI Mapping Team?

The RJI Mapping Team is made up of three parties: a GIS Professional, a student researcher at Alfred University and a partner/collaborator. The team collaborates on GIS-based projects that serve the needs of the RJI community and foster an awareness of Geographic Information Systems.

Why GIS?

The mapping and analysis tools of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) allow organizations to efficiently allocate limited resources through better spatial awareness. The tools also provide new insights into their programs and the people they serve.  Each RJI project brings the benefits of GIS and spatial thinking to local criminal justice and human services organizations through a series of GIS-based collaborations.

GIS provides a powerful toolkit to agencies seeking to understand the spatial relationships inherent in service provision, populations in need and social and environmental problems.  However, for the vast majority of the agencies in the RJI community, the expertise and expenses associated with utilizing a traditional desktop GIS leave this technology out-of-reach.

The RJI team works to bridge this rural gap in resources and technology.

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