GIS Researchers 2012

The GIS student researchers and contributors to the RJI spatial mapping portal for the 2011-2012 academic year are: Kara Kuntz, Ean Rice-Mitchell, Rudy Dieudonne and Katie LeSuer.

Kara Kuntz is creating and editing content for the RJI Spatial Mapping Portal, writing reports of student collaborations, and researching ways in which organizations worldwide use spatial technology to accomplish their goals.

Ean Rice-Mitchell, in collaboration with Dr. Hannah Young, Assistant Professor of Counseling at Alfred University, and Justin Grigg, Edgewood GIS consulting, is mapping the New York State Department of Education School Report Card database (2009). The goal of the project is to spatially and statistically compare demography, resources and performance between rural, suburban and urban unified school districts in New York State.

(Click on map to view a larger version)

Rudy Dieudonne is collaborating with Dr. Karen Porter, Timothy M. DeMersman, and Alexa L. Olson to create an interactive map of youth-related recreational resources in Allegany County. The map, created for the Rural Justice Institute of Alfred University, will include a visual photographic inventory of resources.

Katie LeSuer is collaborating with the Allegany County Department of Social Services (DSS) to map the DSS’s Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS) database. The goal of this project is to provide DSS with a better understanding of program participants by mapping them according to several variables of importance to DSS.

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