Justin Grigg, GISP

The GIS Professional on all RJI collaborations is Mr. Justin Grigg, Owner/Operator of Edgewood GIS Consulting.  Mr. Justin Grigg is a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) with over 14 years of experience managing applications for environmental planning, land information and human services projects.  Prior to founding Edgewood GIS Consulting in 2005, Mr. Grigg worked for Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) – the makers of ArcGIS software – as a project manager in their consulting services division.  Mr. Grigg’s professional experiences have provided him with both technical expertise – spatial analysis, geodatabase assembly, Internet mapping, modeling – and management expertise – proposing, designing and delivering GIS solutions on-schedule for clients.  Because he loves teaching, in his spare time Mr. Grigg is the Geospatial Technology Specialist at Alfred University.

For more information on Mr. Grigg please see his professional biography or his Alfred University page.


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