GIS Researchers 2011

The GIS student researchers for the 2010-2011 academic year were Rudy Dieudonne, Katie LeSuer and Josh Trim.

Rudy Dieudonne, in collaboration with Dr. Karen Porter, Professor of Sociology at Alfred University and Dr. Robert Stein, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Alfred University worked with PPAC, the Allegany County Youth Bureau and the New York Center for Alcohol Policy Solutions to produce the “Rural Alcohol Environments (RAE) Report: The Analysis of Spatial Data to Inform Environmental Intervention.”

Rudy also contributed to the identification of spatial thinking precedents relevant to the RJI audience with a particular focus on the Allegany County Youth Court.

More information on the Rural Alcohol Report can be viewed here

Katie LeSuer, in a project serving the Institute for Human Services (IHS), collaborated with Carol Wood, Director of 2-1-1 Helpline, and Justin Grigg, of Edgewood GIS Consulting, in the creation of custom GIS models for more efficient call management and resource planning. The three team members also produced a GIS-themed presentation “Mapping Your Agency Demographic” at the IHS Annual Conference in March, 2011.

Katie LeSuer also created content for the RJIspatial system resource as well as maps for IHS displaying the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey and 2010 Decennial Census data.

Josh Trim worked with Dr. Robert Stein, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Alfred University, to create a new system resource involving the mapping of government funding for projects relevant to the RJI audience. Josh also contributed to the portion of RJIspatial dealing with mapping demographics.

Learn more about our collaborators here


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