GIS Researchers 2010

The GIS student researchers for 2012 were Megan McKee, Matthew Johnson, and Patrick Smithgall.

In the spring of 2010, the RJI mapping team (led by Megan McKee) collaborated with the Institute for Human Services, Inc. to map the results of a regional homelessness survey. The collaboration employed needs assessment mapping to identify areas in need of homelessness capacity building efforts. Additional outcomes included educating program staff on how to collect data conducive to spatial representation (mapping). Megan’s work with RJI inspired her to create a poster emphasizing the role of GIS in a liberal arts education.

A second spring 2010 collaboration (led by Matthew Johnson and Patrick Smithgall) focused on utilizing GIS to enhance agency effectiveness in serving rural youth through a GIS-based gap analysis of existing service locations, program participants and local population demographics.  The partner/collaborator was Dr. Karen Porter – Professor of Sociology at Alfred University.


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