Examining Rural Education in New York State

The RJI Mapping Team is collaborating with Dr. Hannah Young, Assistant Professor of Counseling at Alfred University and Dr. Callen Fishman, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Alfred University to produce the ‘Using GIS to Examine Rural Education in New York State’ report.

The project is spatially and statistically comparing demographics, resources and performance variables between rural, suburban and urban unified school districts in New York State (N = 720) using the Department of Education School Report Card and Violent and Disruptive Incident Reporting databases as well as demographic data from the US Census Bureau. It is RJI’s hope this information will assist rural institutions in developing prevention and intervention strategies to increase competence in rural youth.

The full report will be available here in August 2012. For a sneak peek at one of the avenues being explored, please click here.

Report maps will display data for all of NY State.

Maps planned for inclusion in the report are listed below.

  1. Population Density by County
  2. Percent Population Change (2000-2010) by County
  3. Student Density by Unified School District
  4. Unified School Districts Classified as Rural
  5. Per Capita Income by Unified School District
  6. Percent Free and Reduced Lunch Rates by Unified School District
  7. Need to Resource Category (N/RC) for all Unified School Districts
  8. Expenditure per General Education Pupil by Unified School District
  9. Student Suspension Rates by Unified School District
  10. School Violence Index (SVI) by Unified School District
  11. Multivariate Analysis: High SVI and High Student Suspension Rate
  12. Graduation Rate by Unified School District
  13. Multivariate Analysis: High Attendance Rate and High Graduation Rate
  14. Multivariate Analysis: High N/RC and High Graduation Rate
  15. Educational Attainment for 25-34 Year Olds by Unified School District

RJI Mapping Team member Ean Rice-Mitchell, Alfred University class of 2012, led the RJI Mapping Team in data collection, integration and initial mapping.