GeoCommons is a free, custom browser-based mapping resource that allows for the creation, organization, and sharing of geographical data. Geocommons allows for both the hosting and storing of various types of common data. Registered users can either upload their own data sets, or browse through a collection of data made available by other individuals or organizations with information on the sources of the data, and various ways of presenting and comparing it on a map.

The very robust system behind GeoCommons has been employed by several well-known companies and organizations, and provides colorful, easy to read maps on several subjects (examples of which are provided right on the home page). One of the limitations of the website, however, is that it is heavily tailored to users familiar with GeoIQ software. Specific comparisons for small areas are less likely to be already available on the site, and indeed, many of the custom maps are drawn from data sets created by the user. Wide-scale datasets, however, are readily available, and a User Manual, as well as feedback and contact information are easy to find, and the system as a whole is relatively easy to grasp, even for an inexperienced GeoIQ user.

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