Google Earth

Google Earth is the most popular of the virtual globe applications – these are free, downloadable (require the user to install them), 3D (sphere-based) mapping viewers loaded with volunteered geographic (user created) content.  Google Earth is beneficial for agency use because of its beautful ability to display and share spatial content.  Creating content is more involved than with the Tier 1 applications like Google Maps but not at the level of Tier 3 (Desktop GIS) applications.

The RJI GIS mapping team recommends Google Earth because of its comprehensive help files and impressive user community actively generating content.  Google Earth also provides examples of the work other non-profit and public benefit groups have created and the techniques they used to make their projects possible in their Non-Profit Trainers Corner.

211 Calls MockupCalls to Finger Lakes 2-1-1 Displayed in Google Earth.

(Click image to view a larger version.)

(Concept Map – not actual call data.)

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