ArcGIS is the dominant software in the desktop Geographic Information Systems (GIS) market.  ArcGIS has been around in some form for almost 30 years and provides a close-to-comprehensive, general purpose solution for mapping and spatial analysis needs.

ArcGIS is a suite of software programs as well as numerous software ‘extensions’ that provide a lifetime’s worth of GIS functionality.  ArcGIS is available in different licensing packages for different levels of GIS users.

Keeping in mind what was discussed on our Desktop GIS page, it is beyond the scope of this site to provide training on ArcGIS (or any other desktop GIS solution).

What follows are links to recommended sources for additional information on ArcGIS.

  • ArcGIS is made by ESRI, Inc.  Here is their overview of ArcGIS.
  • Another description of ArcGIS from the knowledge sharing platform
  • For an example of how a local government organization used ArcGIS to analyze youth crime and other issues, please read our post about Lee County, Florida.

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